About Us

Take a walk into Central Park… where the music is hot, the mood is ultra festive, and the energy is leaping out of bounds like your guests!  We take our job very seriously, GIVING YOU THE MOST MEMORABLE PARTY YOU’VE EVER SEEN, but not too seriously; it’s delivered with a sense of exuberance and fun, second to none!


We are a 10 piece ensemble of professionals that squeezes every ounce of talent and passion, out of each player, giving you a sound and look that is unrivaled! We have a vast repertoire that is sure to please, you, and each of your guests; and we have a unique way of staying true to the original artists while giving it our own special vibe!


As you walk through the park, know that this band has been on the scene for over 25 years.  To say this band is seasoned, and experienced, is an understatement, but you can always count on us keeping it FRESH!  We have sealed our sterling reputation in the industry for so long, by consistently delivering what exceeds our clients expectations. We are known to be easy to work with before and during your event, and have great relationships with all of the event planners, room coordinators, and venue managers!  Our reputation precedes us…just say Central Park, and you will hear from many others just how spectacular this band really is!


As you keep strolling along with Central Park, you should know that we are the TOTAL package!  What do you need? We have it ALL!  WE can cover your ceremony music, and cocktail music, (with different offerings) your emcee, your DJ on breaks, as well as your whole event with our exciting band!  We make it easy for you… we provide EVERYTHING in one package!  And with us, you are shopping at a boutique….not the mall! It makes a difference!


Before you end your walk with Central Park, you have to know that our band couldn’t be what it is without its extraordinary members!  We boast a recording studio owner, 4 music teachers among us, musicians and singers who have written and recorded in LA and NY, musicians and singers who have played with well known artists, in showrooms, clubs, and casinos, members of a brass band for the ever popular Philly staple, the Mummers parade, and beyond, and many of us playing in showrooms, casinos, clubs, event centers, and concert venues all over the East Coast, the country, and the world!  Many of our members are graduates of the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and together, we all have the combined experience of a few hundred years in the business!  We take all of this, and put it into our NOW passion, CENTRAL PARK, and YOUR PARTY!